The Will of Thomas Stapp, 1747
[Riby/Killingholme, Lincolnshire, England]

This is the Will and Testament of me Thomas Stapp of ('Killingholme' deleted) Riby in the County of Lincolnshire Grazier as Followeth:- First I give and bequeath unto my dear wife the sum of Three hundred pounds to be paid her within six months after my decease. I likewise give her the use of my Plate Linen and all other my household furniture during her natual life and after her decease I give unto my three children hereafter mentioned equally to be divided amongst them share and share alike and and what I have given and disposed of to my wife as above, I intend shall be in full of what she can in anywise claim out of my Real and personal estate.

Item. All my lands tenements and hereditaments lying in Killingholme Habor Immingham or elsewhere, either in possession reversion or expectancy. I give to my two sons John and Thomas and their heirs to be equally divided between them, but in case either of my said two sons shall die before he attain the age of twenty one years, my will is that the share of him so dying shall go to the survivor of my said two sons and his heirs and whereas my dear wife is now in a bad state of health, my will is that in case she recovers her health, all my children while young shall live with her-shall live with her if she thinks fit, and whereas I have made but little provision herein for my eldest son Benjamin, I do therefore recommend him to the care of my wife. I give to my son Benjamin my watch and silver spurrs.

Item I give to my sister Chappel and sister Waite, each of them one Guinea to be paid also within six months of my decease.
Item. I give to my sister Waites daughter Five Pounds to be paid her when she attains the age of twenty one years.
Item. I give to my sister Chappels children One Guinea apiece to be paid them respectively as they severally attain the age of twenty one.
All the rest of my Goods, Chattels and personal estate not before disposed of, I give to my three children Benjamin, John and Thomas equally to be divided amongst them share and share alike.

And lastly I do give the tuition and guardianship of all my children unto Mr John Crawford of Thettlethorpe, Mr David Dont? of Maltby, Mr. Thomas Bradey of Killingholme and Mr Thomas Wyer of Habor, all in the County of Lincolnshire and do make them joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament, entreating them to be so kind as to take on the burden thereof. In witness whereof I have now set my hand and seal and declared this to be my last Will and Testament, this twentyeth day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and Forty Six.

Ray & Beryl Bailey's comments:- I think Benjamin then aged 6yrs was the only surviving child of Thomas's marriage to Elizabeth Bennett, and that by this time his second wife Sarah had borne him two children John and Thomas(1746) There is a record of a Sarah Stapp marrying a John Beckwith later in 1747 . If that is her, she may have recovered her health! I think we can now understand why Benjamin was an Ag. Lab. At least he survived to become our ancestor.

*This will was transcribed by Mrs. Beryl Bailey.  She found this will in the Lincolnshire Archives in Lincoln, England, but unfortunately the Archive's policy does not allow for the actual will image to be copied.