Description Will of Robert Stap, Merchant Haberdasher of Berkshire
Date 23 February 1510
Catalogue reference PROB 11/16
Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece Name of Register: Bennett

In the name of God Amen. The ... day of the month of January in the yeare of o'r lord .. .. .. I Robert Stap of the countie of Bucke merchant haberdasher of London dwelling in the borough of ... ... of hole .. and .. ... ... .. ordayne and make this my .. .. in this .. following first I bequeath my Soule unto ... god and to our lady Saint Mary and att the blessed saynte in heven my body to be buried in the parish ... before Saint John baptist before the alter? of Saynt Jesus? ... as it shall please god. I bequeath to the church of .. ... .. I bequeath to the .. ... ... .. And to .. .. the said .. .. .. I bequath unto my ... Elizabeth Stap ... money the chamber and the sellar that she .. .. duryng her life naturall and after her decease Immediately I will that ... Stap my godson shall ... and ejoye the said chamber sellar and shoppe ... half and acre of meadow ... in the long shute to hym and to his heirs. Also I bequeath to my moder ... Stap my second? violet? furred? ... .. lambe? and my money ... .. I bequeath to my brother Richard Stap my belt .. .. ..I bequeath unto my brother Cristofer Stap my .. .. .. Also I bequath unto my sister Johane Arthur a .. .. in money. Also I bequeath unto my sister Alice Martfoy a .. .. .. in money. ... I will that my executornow name shall pay or doe to be paid all my debts proved of .. according to reson and conscience ... I will that Margaret my ... shall have and ... my house in the ... I dwell ... att the .. thereto belongin me all my leasyes and purchased land that I have .. any place during her life naturall except only half an acre grove? ... .. afore ... And after the decease of my ... Margaret Stap I will that Johane my daughter have the saide ... and lands to her to her heyres of her body lawfully lawfully (sic) begoten. And if the said Johane ... ... ... then I will that Rowland Stap my godson shall have and enjoye all the said lands ... afore rehersed and to his heyres of his body lawfully begoten. And if the said Rowland dye ... .. then I ... all the saide lands and ... shall remayne and retane? holly to the heyret male of the Stap* (symbol behind the word, looks like another p, but could mean "...Stap *family*...") for ... The ... of all my goodes not bequeathed nor given I give freely to Margaret Stap my ... and Richard Stap my brother whom I make and ordayne my ... and faithfull executors that they dispose and ordeyne for the ... of my ... ... they s.. left to be done and god to be pleased that ... .. .. Ingeland? ... of .. ..ondfore & John Malfoy & Multrus? Robynt and Hugh Starky ... at the .. and s... lord? ... henry the ... and .. .. the day and yere above rehersed.

(Probatum is in Latin.)