Test Kit# 32828
Note: This testee's ancestor, Abraham Stapp, was brother to Joshua Stapp of Henrico County, Virginia.

Abraham Stapp Sr.
b. abt 1650 in (presumed England); d. abt 1714 in Old Rappahannock/Essex Co., Virginia
m. Dorothy Moss / Dorothy North

Joshua Stapp Sr.
b. 1678 in Essex Co., Virginia; d. before Mar 27, 1783 in Virginia
m. Martha Coffey

John Stapp/Stepp Sr.
b. abt 1710 in Virginia; d. abt 1751 in Culpepper Co., Virginia
m. Anne Salmon

James Stepp/Stapp Sr.
b. abt 1733 probably in Orange Co., Virginia; d. before November 4, 1794 in Madison Co., Kentucky
m. Lucy Gholson

Joseph Stepp Sr.
b. 1757 in Virginia; d. Unknown

William Stepp
b. 1784 in South Carolina; d. Unknown

Colby Stepp
b. 1816 in South Carolina; d. Unknown

George Chapel Stepp
b. May 12, 1842 in Georgia; d. Unknown

George Lewis Stepp
b. August 28, 1885 in Georgia; d. Unknown

John Braska Stepp
b. August 31, 1913 in Georgia; d. Unknown

Renzy Lewis Stepp Sr.
b. June 24, 1934 in Tennessee