The American Stepps - Stapps

The Achilles Stapp Lineage - Virginia & Missouri

Below are photos of the descendants of Achilles Stapp of Virginia and later Southwest Missouri.
These images were taken from Mary Ellen Stapp Gifford's book, Achilles Stapp - His Ancestors and Descendants.

The John Stepp Lineage - North Carolina & Georgia

Below are photos of the descendants of John Stapp, Jr. of Burke County, North Carolina and later Gwinnett County, Georgia.
This is the direct line of "St. Joe" David Alan Stapp, and any questions or comments can be directed to him here.
Each set of photos have been categorized by the sons' names of John Stapp Jr.

The Harmon Stapp Family

Thanks to Teresa Gunter Burke for submitting the Harmon Stapp photos.
They are some of the very few that still exist.

The William Stapp Family

Thanks to Louise Shannon, Debbie Gilley, & Carol Cooper for submitting these photos.

The Joseph Stapp Family

Thanks to the family of N. Dale Morgan & Linda Stephens submitting these photos.