Stepp-Stapp Family Books
The 2 most common books written specifically about Stepp-Stapp surnames are The Stepp/Stapp Family of America, by Henry P. Scalf and The Stepp Family Chronicles, by William Wayne Stepp.  Unfortunately, Scalf's book is no longer published, and it is quite hard to find a copy for your personal library.  I have no more copies of the Stepp Family Chronicles to sell.

The Stepp Family Chronicles by W.W. Stepp           



The following are 2 excerpts from his book, The Stepp Family Chronicles:

Lawrence Clair Kennedy - WWII Bomber Pilot & Educator
Rev. Allen C. Stepp - Minister

I have had several calls wanting to purchase a copy of the Stepp Family Chronicles.  If you have a copy you would like to sell, please contact me by e-mail and I will put you in touch with a perspective buyer.

Brenda Stepp White